The CiGii F51 Speaker System

The CiGii F51 Speaker

The CiGii F51 Speaker is a good Bluetooth system with a long lasting battery. It is ideal for the outdoors producing a clear sound with bass. Equipped with a 360 Degree surround system, steaming music on the device is truly an enjoyable experience.

It is both portable and easy to carry around since it comes with a strap. If you would like to listen to your favorite radio station, The CiGii F51 Speaker comes with a built in FM radio. Moreover, you can also enjoy listening to music from your USB drive thanks to the USB port provided. Further more it has a TF slot so no need to worry if all you have is a micro SD. Last but not least, You can easily connect your laptop or TV with the speaker by use of the Aux input Jack. You are guaranteed to have an amazing experience.

We have different models of Cigii’s going at different rates. Be sure to check them out. Feel free to contact us for any queries.