Refurbished HP Elitebook 8440P


HP Elitebook 8440p  Refurbished laptop good as new.

  • corei5 processor.
  • 4gb Ram.
  • 500gb hard disk


Refurbished HP Elitebook 8440P  is a nice , stylish yet  powerful laptop that is well built  and very efficient. It comes with core i5 processor , 4GB Ram and 500GB of  hard disk space.

Why it is loved.

The device is quite fast given that it has 4GB memory.

The hard disk space of 500 GB is enough for storing  any of your files be it videos, music, projects and much more .

Given that it  has a powerful core i5  processor it is  quite ideal for any resource consuming activities .

Refurbished HP Elitebook 8440P  has a  very good battery life a safeguard against power  outages.



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